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About us

IBG HYDROTECH - Your worldwide system partner in sewer cleaning and trenchless rehabilitation

We focuse our activities on developing and manufacturing high-quality products in the field of robotics, sewer cleaning and pipe rehabilitation. The company offers products that can be customized to client needs - from the single system components up to complex equipped vehicles of all kinds. Experience over 40 years together with close team work on both national and international projects allows us to provide market-driven product solutions. We set high standards for ourselves and our products.

Products and services

From All-Rounders to special nozzles that stand the toughest applications in sewer cleaning
Based on experience over 40 years our versatile range of nozzles for circular and egg-shaped pipes, as well as special profiles are suitable for applications from small house laterals up to large diameters.

We continues to develop and manufacture a variety of robot milling systems for relined pipes with the capacity to negotiate various pipe bends.

Together with national and international application technicians IBG developed an efficient and easy-to-use UV curing system. We highlighted a need for high quality and a product that stands up to the different challenges on job-sites. The result is an effective and compact system of modular design that can grow to meet expanding needs.

IBG maxLight UV Curing System

IBG maxLight UV Curing System

• mobile UV system with a curing cable up to 300 m (1,000 ft.) in length
• Any connection sequence of the light train (quick help on the job-site if a light train is damaged)
• Newly developed connector with an integrated camera (cable breaks in the connector can easily be repaired at the job-site)
• Adjustable wheel sets for our dual core systems (ensuring the optimum position of the UV lamps)
• Join the UV system with a PC or laptop (fast help if the computer system breaks down)

HydroCut 150 ( self driven Cutting Robot)

HydroCut 150 ( self driven Cutting Robot)

Powerful and resilient

The HydroCut 150 is our smallest self-propelled robot. It offers a high-power milling performance. For a secure fit in the pipe the robot is equipped with a bracing unit. A CCD swivel camera and a fixed CCD camera with high performance LED lighting provide a good overview of the workplace.

New: Endless to swivel milling arm and a new 360-degree camera.

News & Innovations

UV-Patch Short Liner System 

Beside the thermal- and cold-hardening solutions, the development in trenchless partial rehabilitation has brought also systems that cure via UV-illumination, which are based on UV-responsive photoinitiators.

The UV- short liner system "UV-Patch" of the IBG HydroTech GmbH allows the rehabilitation of punctually damaged pipe sections in lengths up to 1 meter (40”).

Together with national and international application technicians IBG developed in early 2015 an efficient and user-friendly UV-curing system for short liner. The focus was on a high quality and a product, which meets the different challenges on the job-site. The result was a flexible and compact rehabilitation system.

The handy setup is perfect for poorly accessible jobs and is already available for pipes in circular, egg-shaped and special profiles.

Fields of application:defective pipe connections

  • selective corrosion
  • cracks of pipes
  • root intrusion
  • broken fragments
  • infiltration and exfiltration


IBG Hydro Tech GmbH
Seeweg 6
63654 Büdingen

Phone: +49 6042 95640
Fax: +49 6042 956419

Frank Claassen
International Sales Manager

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