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TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia Pty Ltd.

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About us

TRACTO-TECHNIK develops, produces and markets machines and accessories for the underground installation and renewal of pipelines. These trenchless NODIG technologies are suitable for a variety of applications for supply and disposal.

TRACTO-TECHNIK has 500 employees worldwide and exports to more than 70 countries.
The company`s innovative strength makes it a “Hidden Champion” in medium-sized businesses in Germany and is reflected in well over 350 current patents and numerous awards.
Six sister companies in Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Morocco, the USA and Australia, as well as sales partners in numerous international markets, enable professional networking with all relevant market players.

TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia Pty Ltd. (formerly known as TT Asia Pacific) is offering the full range of NODIG solutions in Australia, New Zealand and the Asian Pacific region since 1988.

Products and services

GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers for the underground installation of socketless short or long pipes up to OD 160 made of plastic or cables as well as for property service connections (FTTH), piling, pipe ramming and pipe bursting.

GRUNDORAM ramming machines for the dynamic installation of steel pipes of to ND 4000 underneath roads, waterways, railway tracks, etc. over lengths up to 80 m providing thrust forces up to 40.000 Nm.

GRUNDODRILL HDD for the installation PE pipes to ND 700 underneath roads, railway tracks and buildings. Rock drilling system 18ACS for alternating and geologically difficult soils and for hard rock.

GRUNDOPIT mini fluid-assisted bore rigs especially for property service connections. GRUNDPIT K for Keyhole technology.

Static pipe bursting with GRUNDOBURST for the trenchless replacement of old supply and drainage pipes from ND 50 to 1000 with new pipes of almost any material. Also applicale for close-fit lining techniques e.g. TIP or the Pipe Reduction method.


GRUNDOMAT soil displacement hammers work precisely and reliably applying the 2-stroke-principle. Using this method short or long pipes without sockets up to OD160 (plastic material such as PE, PVC or PE-X) or cables up to a length of 25m (depending on the soil, even longer is possible) are pulled in. For establishing property service connections for gas, water, sewage, electricity and broadband, the machine (FTTH) can can be launched directly from the inside of the building.



GRUNDODRILL are intelligent and powerful HDD rigs for installing PE pipes up to ND 700 for gas, district heating, drinking water supply and disposal as well as cable protection pipes for power and fibre optic cables, telecommunication, traffic management systems, emergency call pillars, parallel installations, crossings, crossing under waters and traffic ways. GRUNDODRILL 18ACS is especially suitable for bores through rock.



GRUNDORAM ramming machines provide thrust forces up to 40.000 Nm for the economic installation of steel pipes up to 4000 mm underneath traffic routes, waterways, railway tracks, etc. The technique is suitable for installing steel pipes as product pipes, e.g. in pipeline construction, or as casing pipes, for constructing underpassees, small outlets, pipe roofs for tunnel structures and for HDD Assist techniques. Vertical applications are foundations, sheet piling or well drilling.


TRACTO-TECHNIK Australia Pty Ltd.
Unit 2, Devlan Street
4122, Mansfield, Qld

Phone: +61 7 34205455
Fax: +61 7 34205855

Jeff Rose
Managing Director
Phone: +49 42 7995755

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