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Italy: Renovation of a DN 900 water main with three parallel running Primus Liners

Q1, 2017: The „Nuovo Scillato“ water main is one of the main drinking water conduits of Palermo and the coastal municipalities east of the city. Built in the 80‘s to supplement and reinforce the old Vecchio Canale Scillato system, it conveys water from four springs that issue from Mount Fanusi, near Madonie, at a variable flow rate of 500 - 1000 l/s. The conduit is made from DN 900 mm steel pipes with a total length of 62 km. Being a provisional repair project, the immediate goal was to convey at least 400 - 500 l/s from the Scillato springs, thus allowing the recovery of an annual volume of about 15 million m³ – approximately 15 - 20 % of the volume used by the City of Palermo system as a whole. The diameters of the Primus Line® system were chosen to suit the two repair sections: in the upper stretch, three Primus Liners DN 250 PN 30 were used, while in the lower section the diameter of the three liners was increased to Primus Line DN 300 PN 25 on account of the lower pressures.

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Exhibitor: Rädlinger primus line GmbH

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